About Sustainable Midwest Consulting

SMC is a woman-owned sole proprietorship based on Christian values beginning operation in 2015.

The growing importance of sustainability for companies in creating brand loyalty among their stakeholders, which includes the need for a company to be environmentally and socially responsible, is becoming increasingly evident.

As a small business itself, SMC recognizes the differences in the ability for large companies to work towards sustainability compared to smaller companies with limited budgets, time, and manpower.

As a result, SMC is focused on helping small to medium-sized businesses in the Midwest region (especially Iowa and Illinois) in becoming more sustainable without “breaking the bank.”

SMC is also developing a materials sharing/exchange program focusing primarily on the Iowa and Illinois region initially.

The goal of this program is to work together with small businesses on the shared vision of collaborative consumption and a circular economy, whereby sometimes access is more valuable than ownership.

SMC’s function in the program will be brokering to create connections between lenders and borrowers. Please consider joining this endeavor and sharing your materials with other businesses as well utilizing the materials of others.